The NDS Difference

Powerful Pricing Platform

Gain More Control, Improve Visibility, and Save Time

Our single comprehensive platform, shopNDSrx provides procurement tools and fulfillment resources that put you in control providing valuable insight to the US supply chain and up-to-date pricing to give you the advantage you need to meet demands.

Creating a Better Procurement Tool

We constructed a system with greater product visibility in which we could provide richly detailed data for the vast number of products available in the U.S. Creating more visibility also reduces delays in the procurement and distribution processes for buyers across multiple time zones.

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We offer a database with tens of thousands of easily identifiable products that are routinely updated with manufacturer-reported clinical information. We have also incorporated an easy-to-use advanced intelligent search capability.

The new NDS product portal saves time and money by giving instant pricing on thousands of products and generating the lowest cost for a single product, all without scrolling through multiple lists or gathering multiple quotes.

Personalized, fully integrated account management features include bulk template uploads and the flexibility to generate role-based restrictions. You can also analyze and better control spending with segmentation of order history and cost-saving recommendations for ordering frequency.

Full Compliance & Transparency

We have earned trust through our ethical and expert business practices and with our transparent and traceable distribution practices. We want to earn your trust as well.

Protecting the Supply Chain

All NDS systems have been modernized and optimized to meet and exceed both present and upcoming regulatory and traceability requirements.

As the need increases for innovative and life-saving treatments to find their way to patients worldwide, so must the industry’s ability to track them to ensure safe, efficient, and consistent access to all patients globally.

NDS partners with rfxcel, who provide a full stack of track-and-trace software. This platform, along with an integrated database and workflow processes implemented by NDS, all work in tandem to provide transparency of medicinal products.

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Ethics & Expertise

At NDS, we know how important it is to deliver FDA-approved medications and reliable wellness products to healthcare professionals—lives depend on it. Creating a process that ethically accomplishes this function take years of expertise to deftly navigate the complex and highly regulated environment of product procurement and transport, while adhering to regulatory standards that safeguard product efficacy.

Every NDS staff member works with the awareness of the many patients, researchers, and healthcare facilities who depend on us to handle and store each product in a safe and responsible manner. All team members are trained on product monitoring, adhering to quality systems such as Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and Lean 5S methodologies.

Trustworthy Receiving and Shipping Procedures

  • Systems designed to ensure products are obtained from legitimate sources
  • Processes in place to immediately detect products that do not meet quality standards
  • Built-in checkpoints and hard stops to preserve product quality and safety
  • Expertise in facilitation and logistical systems

Expert & Customized Services

In the diverse landscape of supply chains, customs offices, or health jurisdictions, NDS supports a successful transition.

At NDS, our goal is to make sure you are fully supported in securing the products you need for total wellness and improving patient outcomes. This support requires a full working knowledge of specialized procurement, regulatory, document preparation, and logistics—we have that knowledge.

Gain the Best in Information Support and Logistics Management

As part of our excellent customer service, we also provide:

  • Extended support hours for quicker responses
  • Next-day shipping for thousands of products
  • Emergency Drug Response Program
  • Customized document support and attestation
  • Proactive monitoring of all logistical movements
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We have the know-how that can only come from extensive experience to find solutions for challenges in the healthcare supply chain.

Accuracy, Security, & Efficiency

From the time you place your order to the time you have it in hand, our processes ensure that your products have been safeguarded and treated with the utmost care.

Strict GDP Processes in Place

With adherence to the strictest Good Distribution Practices, whether here in our local facility, or in transit throughout the world, you can count on NDS to safeguard the products you use to improve individual’s lives.

Using our rigorous internal controls along with trusted and vetted logistic partners, we provide a complete and efficient supply chain solution from procurement to delivery, monitoring product all along the route. We can also network with your existing logistics as needed.

Our Industry-Leading Facility

NDS operates in a fully licensed DSCSA-compliant, state-of-the-art facility that is FDA and DEA registered. We are located in North Carolina, U.S.—a state that is ranked #1 in both Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Manufacturing within the entire United States.

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