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Logistical Know-how

Helping every step along the way, NDS goes the extra mile for our valued healthcare partners. Established in 2002, we have extensive experience in coordinating shipments in the life sciences industry.

Internationally, we have experience moving health products across the borders of over 50 countries. Additionally, we facilitate support for professional information requests and customs document preparation. In the diverse landscape of supply chains, customs offices, or health jurisdictions, NDS supports a successful transition.

We have the know-how that can only come from extensive experience to find solutions for challenges in the healthcare supply chain.

As part of our expertise in logistics and dedication to your support, we provide:
  • Extended support hours for quicker responses

  • Dedicated representative to coordinate and plan logistical movement

  • Full array of standard and specialized shipping processes:

    • Next-day shipping for thousands of products
    • Emergency Drug Response Program
    • Competitive shipping and cargo insurance rates offered
  • Comprehensive international shipping services:

    • Well-established freight forwarder relationships
    • Competitive international freight rates
    • Customized export documents to align with import permit needs
    • Export clearance filings and processes to facilitate global trade
    • Export certificates and attestation
    • Central location provides quick access to several international airports offering thousands of flights per day

Specialty Logistics

We offer proven specialty logistics solutions in place for distributing sensitive products. From storage to delivery, we provide:

  • In-house ambient (15 – 25°C) storage
  • In-house refrigerated (2 – 8°C) storage
  • In-house frozen (-20°C) storage
  • Quality cold chain and ambient packaging materials, such as ISTA-rated pre-certified 2°- 8°C and 15°- 25° C shipping cartons and pallets, with data logging systems
  • Partners who offer active monitoring and other solutions to support shipments that require additional temperature-controlled environments during transport
  • Proper treatment of Hazardous Goods
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Logistical Monitoring

Critical to proper handling of your shipment, we have incorporated logistical integrated monitoring that provides actionable data over the course of transport via 2 service levels:

  • Level 1 – Meticulous and rigorous tracking included with all orders:
    • We monitor all in-transit movement for any unordinary movements or delays.
    • After years of sending thousands of shipments across borders, we know how to identify unexpected transit delays or deviations, and we intervene as needed.
    • We proactively act when a shipment is stalled, promptly interacting with freight forwarders and updating customers, until successful delivery occurs.
  • Level 2 – Active, dynamic tracking
    • Live, real-time electronic tracking—monitoring shipments from start to delivery.
    • This advanced optional service is combined with Level 1.