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Our culture of delivering excellence, collaborating to overcome challenges, and taking ownership of meaningful work is important to us. These attributes and core values are reflected in everything we do to maintain relationships—with groups, individuals, and supply chains—that we have developed with those whom we serve.

Learn more about the shared values we have identified within our culture which enable us to deliver excellence and work well as a team!

Patient Focused

• We look beyond the products and cartons in our hands and focus on the needs of patients around the world and across the continuum of care.


• We hold ourselves accountable to do the right thing when no one is looking.

• We stand behind the quality and accuracy of our work, realizing it is critical to building trust with our customers.

• We work with the knowledge that our contribution makes a real difference, and, because of this, we each share responsibility to lead by example.


• We have a positive attitude about what can be accomplished when every team member does their part. No Debbie downers here!

• We are genuinely enthusiastic about what we can build together and celebrate the milestones along the way.


• We are ready to change and/or pivot when necessary, but we also recognize change can sometimes be difficult, and we support each other along the way.


• We cooperate & communicate with each other, and with all members of the healthcare supply chain, to accomplish the ultimate goal: improving patient care around the globe.

NDS was established in 2002, yet we are an actively growing company looking for team members that are ready to roll up their sleeves and get the job done, while holding on to a healthy work-life balance. We are always seeking individuals who share our values, are excited about our mission & vision while being part of a growing company, and can positively contribute ideas and a fresh perspective to help us improve and grow.


We help healthcare partners around the world procure high quality pharmaceuticals and a variety of healthcare products. We do so by working collaboratively with all members of the healthcare supply chain to distribute products where there is need, responsibly and transparently, and always with a patient focus.


This allows us to serve the greater goal of improving patient care worldwide while aspiring to be known as the top trusted supplier of U.S. pharmaceutical products to healthcare partners around the world.

NDS is a well-established, yet actively growing company that gets the job done while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We are always seeking individuals who take pride of ownership in their work, who are excited about growth opportunities, and can positively contribute ideas and a fresh perspective to help us improve and grow.

We would love to get to know you if you…

  • Are seeking to learn more about the complexities of global supply chains in the life sciences industry

  • Desire a role that allows you to problem solve and use a variety of your skills

  • Want to be a part of the process that allows every person access to the medicines and products they need to improve the quality of their life

  • Have the drive and determination to achieve goals and get results


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